Information about Lakewood FL

Florida is well-known for its geographical flatness; one will not encounter a single mountain or even much in the way of rolling hills along the entire length of the sub-tropical peninsula. But the vacation state’s highest point- 345 feet above mean sea level at Britton Hill- can be found right on the Alabama border in Lakewood, in northern Walton County.

The high point, found in Lakewood Park, is commemorated by a stone plinth, which visitors can view from one of two park benches. The park is the primary point of interest in the village.

There’s not much else in the way of entertainment or excitement to be found in Lakewood. Apart from being a border town and the high point in Florida, there’s no businesses or restaurants in the area. Lakewood is a bedroom community clustered primarily along North County Highway 285 leading north towards Florala, Lockhart, and Chapel Hill in Alabama. It is bordered on the north by State Line Road and made up largely of homes along 285 and Tedder Road leading into Alabama and Alpine Road and Stewart Roads, which lead back into Florida.

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There are more homes and houses directly across the state border in Alabama, many more than there are located in town in Florida. There are a pair of small, unnamed ponds in the neighborhood off of Tedder Road and a third on Stewart Road, apparently on private land. The area around Lakewood is heavily wooded along the border, though there are a few farms and fields hidden just beyond the tree line. Further south is more open farmland leading south Highway 331 to the coast.

Being far from the coast, Lakewood is described as being more similar in culture to Alabama than touristy Florida thanks in part to the local flora and fauna.

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