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Your resource for everything you need if you are looking to buy a home or remodel your existing home. We are glade you have found us at Walton Home Solutions. We hope to earn your trust and respect by helping you make better informed decisions when building a new home or remodeling a home. You […]

Bathroom Renovation Tips

Bathroom Renovation Tips

New bathrooms don’t come cheap. The normal cost of a midrange bathroom renovation — supplanting every one of the fixtures, the tile, the vanity and the latrine — is currently nearly $19,000, which tracks the cost of home change extends yearly. Also, that is the across the nation normal. In case you’re arranging a top […]

Agenda Before Starting Your Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom renovation is an energizing assignment. In any case, before hopping to picking the most recent tile or bath configuration, there are some less energizing things to consider so your venture turns out only the way you dream it. Since remodeling a bathroom can be overpowering, tedious and exorbitant, we arranged a straightforward 15-point […]

Home for the Holidays

When everyone visits your house for the holidays, things can get a little awkward. Even if you have the most wonderful guests in the world, the cramped space can be uncomfortable. It’s natural to feel like you want your guests to enjoy your home as if it were a five-star hotel, but the fact is […]

The Closet as Workspace, Bedroom or Bar

Solid Reasons to Remodel Your Home in 2017

Not many people want to use a closet for a workspace, and even worse a bedroom?! However there are ways to take a closet and change it into a more usable space for your home. Check out these cool spaces made from closets, you’ll be surprised. When Jane Herro, 30, a jewelry designer and a […]

Solid Reasons to Remodel Your Home in 2017

You know how you’ve wanted to extend your family space to make it more open? Or, then again how you’ve been passing ways to include an additional lavatory that you can have all to yourself? All things considered, our magic eight ball says the standpoint is useful for your home redesign dreams: 2017 is an […]